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Powermatic I
The Powermatic 1 which we have spent a couple of months now in intense testing is, without qualification, the finest manual machine we have ever seen. We will be writing much more about this new wonder from ZICO, USA in the coming days but we wanted you all to see it in action. Hence the video below which pretty much says it all. The machine needs no hype. There is nothing else to compare it to. And with a serious number of patents on it held by ZICO you are not going to see cheap ass rip-offs. Everyone who has used it has been blown away. Remember that the typical crank injector like Supermatics and Top-O-Matics and their cheaper and smaller siblings use basically an 80 year old design. The Powermatic 1 bears no resemblance to those old mechanical designs. Yes they did the job, some better than others but they all had weaknesses and are now (finally) old news. This is new stuff and it is simply incredible. Watch the video and be amazed. And remember the physical effort needed to use this machine is orders of magnitudeless than any previous mechanical design and the sticks are as perfect as one could ever hope for. Because of its completely new design strategy, I've yet to find a way to break it without a hammer. Now like all injectors certain rules apply that you will find at the bottom of this page, especially cut and moisture content of the tobacco as well as the lack of foreign particles (sticks, stems, and other trash) one finds in cheap tobaccos However even these junk contents are more easily handled in this machine than any other I've seen in no small part due to the exceptionally sharp and strong Titanium cutter. No cheap stamped metal flat connecting arms to bend, no damn H-Link to go out of alignment, and no damn rivets to pop loose. Plus with the unidirectional T-Bar crank, there is not the slightest feeling of strain, either on your shoulders, arms or hands or on the crank itself. You hardly even have to hold it down with good tobacco. Like a Hurst T-Shifter on a classic Mopar muscle car. And the forged crank folds down when not in use. What a rush!!!! So here is the detailed video below. Click on the graphic below and prepare for the future. More to come on this jewel!

  • Extremely strong and durable

  • Using precision parts to guarantee smooth performance

  • Newly designed vertical motion handle

  • (No more arm twisting)

  • Aluminum body

  • Aluminum holding arm

  • Handle mainly metal

  • Titanium cutter for optimum tobacco cutting

  • Makes regular, king size & 100’s cigarettes

  • 1 year warranty


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